The Smile Outreach

Brief Summary

The Smile Outreach started as an ‘outreach’ program in 2018. The ‘convener’ Bidemi Adedire, wanted to bring together a group of young passionate people, who were enthusiastic about touching lives and leaving positive marks in their societies.

The pioneer team distributed relief packages to widows of fallen Nigerian soldiers, Facilitated a partnership with the Nigerian Medical Association and the Medical Women Association of Nigeria to help with free cervical cancer awareness and screening, also free medical consultation for anyone in attendance was made available. We also reached out to public school students, by providing over two hundred basic educational needs such as school bags and books.

In 2020, the ‘convener’ decided to take a step further by making the activities of The Smile Outreach more official, even with the Coronavirus global pandemic, members of the Smile Outreach is still able to operate remotely and bring up ideas that are not only beneficial to the general public but in line with the mission and Vision the group.

We partner with well-meaning individuals of change and organizations to fight against cross-generational sexual relationships, we seek to enhance continuing personal development (CPD), We offer volunteer training for nonprofits, and we provide emotional, mental, and material relief to the African audience.

Our Mission

We are deeply rooted in the ideals of quality education to foster national development, 21st-century awareness on cross-generational sexual relationship, support and relief for the African mind via collaborative efforts one community at a time.

Our Vision

Education advancement via continuing personal development (CPD), mental and emotional relief, Massive decline in HIV and Unplanned pregnancy rates by 2025.

Core Areas

Gender Balance
Anti-cross generational sexual relationship
Effective training for Nonprofits and Volunteers
Emotional, mental and material relief
Continuing personal development and awareness on Contemporary issues in Africa.

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