Resplendence Language Arts: An African Language House

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Resplendence Language Arts is an African Language collaboration house. We are founded to reduce and remove language barriers and create a sustainable emphasis on African language studies whilst understanding ancestral cultural knowledge. Our team has over 75 years of combined teaching experience that we apply directly to our pedagogy, mission and classroom. Our humble mission is to create a language world that not only supports a student’s desire to learn an African language but to learn the culture and its arts as well. Our goal is for students to become fluent in the language of their choice; in practice ,respect and understanding. We strive to do so in a dynamic virtual, interactive and affordable setting immense with passion and innovation for teaching and language building . Our shared core values: respect, unity and care /trust are our roots. Simply we say, come learn with us! As you are the most invited to have a seat at our table here at Resplendence Arts. 

For more information follow us on our social media or send us a message below.

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