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African business Month conference will seek to integrate all resources into building a fully pan-African market. Hundreds of activities are ready to kickoff this November.

African Business Month was established to focus on promoting African businesses in Africa, Europe, Caribbean, Pacific and round the world.

African Business Month will tap into the informal sector and help them grow through capacity building.

This conference will give African businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and invest in opportunities available in Africa for Africans.

One of the goals is promoting AFCTA and encouraging self reliance while boosting black owned businesses negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Years in Business
Staff Members

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CEO & Founder

Daniel Mwambonu

I am a Pan African Activist seeking to encourage African to African trade and promote AfCFTA.

African Business Month Provides a platform for African businesses to connect ,network with investors and uplift each other.

Events Manager

Michael Kafui Yao Tsatsu

I am MICHAEL K.Y. TSATSU from Ghana.

Founder and CEO of an Agribusiness (MEG FARMS), a Change Activist working with Write for Change (W4C), Peace Activist, Youth Advocate. A teacher, a writer, a Motivational leader.
A self-motivated and hard-working young man with a firm resolve to break new grounds, with the ability to stimulate team work, strong inter personal skills, deep thinker, achiever of results.

I am identified with the following values; Intelligence, Trustworthy, Dedication, Accountability, Excellence among others.
Professionally a journalist.

Virtual Event Host

Bidemi A. Adedire

Bidemi Adedire is a communications and idea strategist,
She is the founder of the Smile Outreach a nonprofit body emphasising on gender balance in all its activities.

She is a highly motivated Nigerian with a passion for community and capacity development, a motivational speaker, a business inclined personality, and a political student with a growing interest in policy-making and an avid advocate for gender mainstreaming.

Events Organizer & Host

Angela Asante-Armar


Angela Naa Amerley Asante-Armar is a woman with purpose and a number of strings to her bow.
Although born and raised in London, England to Ghanaian parents, Angela has embarked upon a journey to relocate to Ghana. Her mission is to empower, unite and restore the condition, image and role of mothers and mother-figures (all women) in Ghana, so that once the women thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the rest of the nation and the Motherland will in turn thrive.
She seeks to achieve this by contesting to become President of Ghana and encouraging more women to take up political leadership positions in the process. As President of Ghana, she will use her maternal qualities and strengths to introduce structures, systems and policies which will prioritise the majority of the population (women and girls) by meeting their basic needs of accommodation, food, healthcare and education. This will automatically yield benefits for the country as a whole by greatly increasing the productivity of women, boosting the economy, and this is the key to true indepence for all Ghanaian citizens.
Apart from being Mother to her two precious sons and a singer songwriter, Angela has various other interests, positions and qualifications.
As a lawyer (solicitor) qualified to practise in England and Wales having trained in the City of London, Angela’s 16 years of experience as an Employment Lawyer covers multiple industries in the private and public sectors and comprises expertise in dealing with challenging life-changing situations.
Through her Intuitive Life and Career Coaching services, Angela empowers women in their purpose and sense of self-worth by intuitively guiding them on a journey to uncover and use their unique gifts, skills and talents to create a fulfilling life and career.
As a member of the University of Reading’s ‘THRIVE’ Mentoring Scheme, Angela mentors undergraduate law students, assisting them in successfully securing highly sought after legal and other work experience placements.
As a proud founding member of Power to our Mothers Foundation Africa, Angela is at the forefront of realising the vision to empower mothers and mother-figures, practically by housing them in free or low-cost accommodation in the first of a number of custom-built Power to our Mothers Foundation Villages. She is also empowering the land through farming it to grow organic local food for Ghanaians to eat.
As UK Ambassador to the Global Pan-Africanism Network, Angela has hosted and organized events and conferences, as well as engaged in discussions bringing together people of African descent to contribute to the vision to create a United States of Africa.
Angela is an active member of Women Caucus for Stewardship, a non-governmental organisation focused on educating women about politics and governance issues to encourage them to take up a variety of leadership positions.
Angela is a member of the nonprofit organisation, Ghana Diaspora Women, which has a vision of delivering change in the lives of under-privileged women and girls in Ghana by ensuring that more women are represented in decision-making roles in
An ambassador of the International Women Empowerment Forum, Angela has spoken at functions seeking to encourage and support other women in embracing their own power to share their gifts with the world.
As one of 3 co-hosts on international podcast, the Uplifted Being Show, aired in over 100 countries, Angela uses her voice to remind listeners that each one is indeed a powerful creator with the ability to manifest their own reality.
Angela is one third of family-run business, Empowered by Creativity, whose mission is to empower others in mind, body and soul to step into their greatness by tapping into their imagination and creative spirit, to unlock their full potential.
Having learned unique tools, processes and techniques to access superconsciousness through increasing self-awareness and developing the ability, among other things, to transform sabotaging emotions to create desirable outcomes, Angela has demonstrated her use of the alchemical methodologies from SuperGenius Limited, a training and mentoring company, to an excellent level. She is also a facilitator at 1-day and 3-day personal transformation workshops in London.
“Educate a man and you educate an individual.
Educate a woman and you educate a nation.”
(Fanti Proverb)
When you empower a Mother or Mother-figure (a woman), you empower a family, a community and a whole nation.
Nobody gets left behind.

We create an atmosphere of growth for African businesses and enterprises.